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Course Conductors

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Course Conductor Responsibilities


Deliver world leading training and education to instructors & volunteers


Represent CADS and promote the organization and adaptive Snowsports in a positive and responsible manner


Maintain evaluation standards within the CADS certification pathway


Provide opportunities, support and guidance for adaptive volunteers and instructors

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Course Conductor Members Our committed course conductors!

Name Division Level Recall
Ski Lv4E
Susan Hughes BCAS Ski Lv4E 2023
Jamie Spencer Ontario Ski Lv4E 2023
Tommy Chevrette Quebec Ski Lv4E 2023
Ski Lv4
James Peters BCAS Ski Lv4 2023
Kim Cosman Alberta Ski Lv4 2022
Jamie McCulloch Alberta Ski Lv4 2022
Clare Logan Alberta Ski Lv4 2023
Allan Watson BCAS Ski Lv4 2023
Allan Watson BCAS Ski Lv4 2023
Ski Lv2CC
Tony Crook Alberta Ski Lv2CC 2023
Corinne Risler BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2023
Mackenzie Stairs Quebec Ski Lv2CC 2023
Victoria Barrett Quebec Ski Lv2CC 2023
Anne Bethune BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2023
Jeff Boucher NCD Ski Lv2CC 2023
Wylie Buchanan BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2023
Simon Cho BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2023
Paul Claproth BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2023
Neil Connors BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2023
Veronica Connors BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2022
James Cooney BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2023
Doug Copp Newfoundland Ski Lv2CC 2022
Bruce Elliot Ontario Ski Lv2CC 2022
Tim Fitzgerald NCD Ski Lv2CC 2023
Mike Gervais Alberta Ski Lv2CC 2023
Brad Gilmore Ontario Ski Lv2CC 2023
Tori Harrison Alberta Ski Lv2CC 2023
Christopher Holden NCD Ski Lv2CC 2022
Peter Lawson BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2023
Bob Hodgson BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2023
Andy Mather BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2022
Al McLarty NCD Ski Lv2CC 2023
Gord Poulton Saskatchewan Ski Lv2CC 2022
Brian Rode BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2022
Kirsty Taylor Nova Scotia Ski Lv2CC 2022
Mike Vattheuer BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2023
Austin Watts Ontario Ski Lv2CC 2023
Robert Weiler BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2023
David Zerr Saskatchewan Ski Lv2CC 2022
Gail Williamson BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2023
Sean Asam Alberta Ski Lv2CC 2023
Dale Loyer Alberta Ski Lv2CC 2023
Timothy Mark Nelson Alberta Ski Lv2CC 2023
Dan Cook BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2022
Tereza Jaresova BCAS Ski Lv2CC 2022
Ski Lv1CC
Keith Blimkie NCD Ski Lv1CC 2022
Hannah Bostrom BCAS Ski Lv1CC 2023
Mario Dion Quebec Ski Lv1CC 2023
Adria Flor BCAS Ski Lv1CC 2023
Ian Forbes Quebec Ski Lv1CC 2023
Denise Hebert Quebec Ski Lv1CC 2023
Gord Mackenzie Alberta Ski Lv1CC 2022
Brian Smith Ontario Ski Lv1CC 2022
Sarah Stefanyk Ontario Ski Lv1CC 2022
Robert Timlin Ontario Ski Lv1CC 2022
Adam Tynan BCAS Ski Lv1CC 2023
Hirokazu Ozawa Nova Scotia SB Lv2CC 2022
Michelle Schaefer BCAS SB Lv2CC 2022
Thomas Griffith Alberta SB Lv2CC 2022
Mackenzie Stairs Quebec SB Lv1CC 2022
Dan Elliot Ontario SB Lv1CC 2022
Teresa Medina BCAS SB Lv1CC 2022
Russell Rumley NCD SB Lv1CC 2022
Matt Shaw Alberta SB Lv1CC 2022
Maria Toner BCAS SB Lv1CC 2022
Zuzia Wodzynska BCAS SB Lv1CC 2022
Kirsty Salmon BCAS SB Lv1CC 2022
Zachary Dickson Nova Scotia SB Lv1CC 2022
Adria Flor BCAS SB Lv1CC 2022
Chauffeur CC
Jean - Francois Rioux Quebec Chauffeur CC 2022

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CADS Inspirations

Don't take our word for it!

My son Jamie participates in CADS because he needs a little extra help on the hill. CADS has helped him get past the challenges of autism and find freedom and success on the hill. CADS has been a life changer not only for Jamie, but for our whole family!

Jamie's Mom

I loved getting to meet all sorts of different people, and getting to know my CADS Ski Instructors at Festival. They were so kind, helpful, and so much fun to be around. Now... let’s talk about that award. Canadian Skier of the year! Never in a million years did I think I would receive an award like that in my life. I still struggle to wrap my mind around it! It was a great honor, and certainly a huge surprise.

Kate Gibbs

The 'all inclusive nature' of the CADS organization (Instructors, volunteers, athletes and families) are diverse, and we truly felt that all were inclusive. There seemed to be no judgement of others. This is something most groups strive for, but as you know rarely can achieve.

Karen and Brad Benoit

Canadian Adaptive Snowsports

Fun Inclusion Respect

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