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General Questions

Miscellaneous questions

Rob shows us how in this video - Snowline 2020

Certification Questions

Questions specific to CADS certification

Please contact your club or division admin if your club is using Snowline.

CADS National is charging for CADS Divisions and/or CADS Programs

• $50 per CADS Complete Evaluation
• $20 per CADS Module Evaluation
CADS Divisions/ Programs may charge an additional administration fee on top of this. Each course fee will be listed with the specific course information in snowline.

If you are a Ski hill or Ski Professional different fees apply.

No. The module process allows you to focus on your area of interest.
However, we encourage all instructors to take the complete CADS Certification.
Exposure to all aspects of adaptive methodology will ensure that you have a stronger understanding of the key concepts in instruction for adaptive snow sports. Even if your focus is on students within a specific discipline, the skills learned in other modules will make you a more capable and confident Instructor.

The individual returns with the previous level of certification they had when they stopped paying their membership. It is recommended to update training, if the instructor’s certification was obtained prior to 2015.

You can log into your profile in Snowline and then select Schedule > Training & Event List.
You will then be able to see the events available to you.

CSIA or CASI methodology is the basis of all CADS teaching and it is critical for all instructors to have a strong understanding of one or both. Local Programs and Divisions are responsible for ensuring that the prerequisite CSIA or CASI session is completed and tracked.
The CSIA material to be covered in the Teaching Methodology – Skiing document training.

No, during a complete evaluation participating in only a specific discipline of the evaluation will not be sufficient to become a modular certified instructor.

**The time spent (on snow/indoors) and the knowledge delivered to a candidate while taking a particular Module is more in depth than that provided during a Complete Evaluation. For this reason, completing a discipline during the Complete Evaluation is not sufficient to become certified in that discipline.

If your certification was obtained prior to 2015, you may retain your certification. However, it is recommended that you update your skills and knowledge to meet current CADS standards.
If you want to obtain your next level of Certification, you will need to complete any missing modules at your current level prior to taking the next Level.
Should you decide not to update your current Certification Level and want it to remain highlighted in the National Instructor list you should be aware that not having all completed modules would prevent you from attaining a higher level of Certification until such upgrades are completed.

Old CADS Level 1: required to obtain Level 1 ASD/CI and Sitski module -> Current Level 1 complete certification.
Old CADS Level 2: required to obtain Level 2 ASD/CI and Sitski module -> Current Level 2 complete certification.
Old CADS Level 2A: required to obtain Level 2 ASD/CI module -> Current Level 2 complete certification.
However, due to the changes in the CADS standards it is recommended that you challenge the complete certification at your current level prior to moving forward to the next level.

Course Conductor Questions

Questions specific to Conducting CADS Courses and Modules

CADS Course Conductors will receive training at pre-course to address how to assess instructors in the CSIA or CASI components of certification.
It is also strongly suggested that all CADS Course Conductors visit the CSIA or CASI websites where there is a collection of information to assist CADS Course Conductors.
Pursuing CSIA or CASI certifications is strongly recommended for personal development. If a CADS Level 4 Examiner is in the area and available, you may ask for assistance.

A current Level 3 CSIA Instructor (or higher) can deliver this training session. If there are no CSIA Level 3s available in your area, then a current up to date Level 2 CSIA may deliver the training, based on the current CADS Teaching Methodology document. If either of these options is not available please contact your division.

A result of “Needs Improvement”, requires the candidate to retake the evaluation at a later date.

You first need to complete your CADS Level 3 Certification, and then successfully complete the CADS Course Conductor Evaluation, which is held at Pre-Course in the fall for both the east and west divisions.

For all Modules and Complete Certification
Level 1: Current CADS Level 1 or 2 Course Conductor, Level 4 or Level 4 examiner.
Level 2: Current CADS Level 2 Course Conductor, Level 4 or Level 4 examiner.
Level 3: Current CADS Level 4 or Level 4 examiner.
Course Conductor: Current CADS Level 4 or Level 4 examiner.
A full list of Course Conductors is available in the CADS website

CADS Inspirations

Don't take our word for it!

My son Jamie participates in CADS because he needs a little extra help on the hill. CADS has helped him get past the challenges of autism and find freedom and success on the hill. CADS has been a life changer not only for Jamie, but for our whole family!

Jamie's Mom

I loved getting to meet all sorts of different people, and getting to know my CADS Ski Instructors at Festival. They were so kind, helpful, and so much fun to be around. Now... let’s talk about that award. Canadian Skier of the year! Never in a million years did I think I would receive an award like that in my life. I still struggle to wrap my mind around it! It was a great honor, and certainly a huge surprise.

Kate Gibbs

The 'all inclusive nature' of the CADS organization (Instructors, volunteers, athletes and families) are diverse, and we truly felt that all were inclusive. There seemed to be no judgement of others. This is something most groups strive for, but as you know rarely can achieve.

Karen and Brad Benoit

Canadian Adaptive Snowsports

Fun Inclusion Respect

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