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CADS Purpose

To give people living with disabilities the opportunity to eliminate barriers that have prevented them in experiencing the Joy and Freedom of Snowsports.
Not only in a fun and inclusive environment that embraces diversity but in an accessible community that treats each individual with respect.

Visual Impairments

We have knowledge, equipment, tactics and skills to support people with visual impairments to participate in snowsports lessons.

Physical Impairments

We have knowledge, equipment, tactics and skills for anyone who requires balance or mobility support to participate in snowsports lessons.

Cognitive Impairments & ASD

We have knowledge, equipment, tactics and skills for neurodiverse and developmentally diverse students to participate in snowsports lessons.

Thank You!

On behalf of everyone at CADS, we would like to thank you for your generous donation. Our organization would not be what it is today; helping thousands of students, instructors and volunteers enrich their lives in so many ways together, if not for your selfless giving. Thank you!

CADS Charity # 11882 9019 RR 0001

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CADS Inspirations

Don't take our word for it!

My son Jamie participates in CADS because he needs a little extra help on the hill. CADS has helped him get past the challenges of autism and find freedom and success on the hill. CADS has been a life changer not only for Jamie, but for our whole family!

Jamie's Mom

I loved getting to meet all sorts of different people, and getting to know my CADS Ski Instructors at Festival. They were so kind, helpful, and so much fun to be around. Now... let’s talk about that award. Canadian Skier of the year! Never in a million years did I think I would receive an award like that in my life. I still struggle to wrap my mind around it! It was a great honor, and certainly a huge surprise.

Kate Gibbs

The 'all inclusive nature' of the CADS organization (Instructors, volunteers, athletes and families) are diverse, and we truly felt that all were inclusive. There seemed to be no judgement of others. This is something most groups strive for, but as you know rarely can achieve.

Karen and Brad Benoit

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  • 1100-1200 West 73rd Avenue,
    Vancouver BC, V6P6G5

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