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CADS Membership has its rewards!
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Patagonia Pro

The Patagonia Pro Program is a membership program for CADS Certified Instructors.

Membership is by application, is not guaranteed and can be revoked at any time. If you are interested in applying, please sign in with an existing account to start the application or create a new account below.

Step 1: Select Your Category
Current and active ski/snowboard instructors who are members of PSIA/AASI in the US or CSIA/CASI/CADS in Canada are eligible for Patagonia Pro if they are a current CADS Certified Instructor. Pro membership benefits vary with certification level, some membership levels may not qualify.

Eligibility Requirements
Certified PSIA/AASI or CSIA/CASI/CADS member
Actively instructing during this CADS season with a CADS Club


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Avalanche Skiwear

Want CADS branded gear?
Visit the NEW CADS Apparel store created for us by Avalanche.
Experience the mountain at its best with garments that meet North American and European ski professionals’ highest standards.

Avalanche Skiwear
Avalanche Skiwear

UClear Digital

Enjoy studio quality audio with deep bass and a clear voice. Our exclusive noise-cancelling ABF technology eliminates virtually all background noise while our patented DSP algorithms triangulate your voice’s -sweet spot- to produce exceptional sound clarity.
25% Off For CADS Members

UClear Digital
UClear Digital

Koolway Sports

Koolway Sports designs and manufactures outerwear for individuals with disabilities, enabling them to achieve their maximum level of independence in all aspects of their life!
10% Off for CADS Members

Koolway Sports
Koolway Sports

Xevo Optics

A perfect Lens for all conditions. The photochromatic is the choice of professional skiers from ski patrol, instructors, coaches and racers to full time serious park riders and backcountry trekkers who want the most in functional performance.
50% Off for CADS Members

Xevo Optics
Xevo Optics

FiredUp Apparel

This winter stay warm with Far Infrared Heated Liners from Fired Up X Heated Apparel.
15% off for CADS Members

FiredUp Apparel
FiredUp Apparel

Canada Snowboard

As an integral partner in the effort to grow the sport of snowboarding across the country, CADS & Canada Snowboard are happy to announce a 10% discount for coaches and instructors who plan to purchase or who have already purchased both a Canada Snowboard Coach & CADS membership for the 2023/2024 season.


Option 1 - If you have not already purchased your Canada Snowboard Coach membership for the 2023/2024 season, please email with proof of active CADS membership to receive your 10% discount code.

Option 2 - If you have already purchased your Canada Snowboard Coach membership for the 2023/2024 season, please email with proof of active CADS membership to retroactively receive your 10% discount.

Canada Snowboard
Canada Snowboard

CADS Inspirations

Don't take our word for it!

My son Jamie participates in CADS because he needs a little extra help on the hill. CADS has helped him get past the challenges of autism and find freedom and success on the hill. CADS has been a life changer not only for Jamie, but for our whole family!

Jamie's Mom

I loved getting to meet all sorts of different people, and getting to know my CADS Ski Instructors at Festival. They were so kind, helpful, and so much fun to be around. Now... let’s talk about that award. Canadian Skier of the year! Never in a million years did I think I would receive an award like that in my life. I still struggle to wrap my mind around it! It was a great honor, and certainly a huge surprise.

Kate Gibbs

The 'all inclusive nature' of the CADS organization (Instructors, volunteers, athletes and families) are diverse, and we truly felt that all were inclusive. There seemed to be no judgement of others. This is something most groups strive for, but as you know rarely can achieve.

Karen and Brad Benoit

Canadian Adaptive Snowsports

Fun Inclusion Respect

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