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Covid-19 Updates

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COVID-19 Update For 2/1/2023

Released By: CADS

The current CADS mandatory Vaccination Policy has been suspended. Appreciating that this policy could be re-instated should Pandemic conditions change and it is deemed warranted.

COVID-19 Update For 8/9/2022

Released By: CADS National

COVID hasn’t gone away! Given the specific vulnerabilities of our community members, we are not in a position to suspend the mandatory vaccination policy. We remain attentive to the progression of COVID, and we will be in a better position to make the decision to suspend such policy by the time the snow begins to fly in the 2022-2023 season.

COVID-19 Update For 1/11/2022

Released By: CADS

Dear CADS members & friends,

As the pandemic continues to surge, CADS wishes to remind everyone to remain focused on developing and implementing programs to prevent the spread of Covid within their skiing and snowboarding environment.

As a community, we cannot be complacent on safety. We must all protect our students, our volunteers, our instructors and our friends, caregivers and family members along with the public around us.

Given the rate of transmission, the short incubation period and the high number of people who are getting ill, we urge everyone who plans to ski or snowboard this winter to activate all 7 key principes of protection available.

We also recommend all CADS programs and participants to:
Put contingency plans in place to keep skiing and snowboarding when volunteers and instructors are off ill.
Plan for the right instructors assignments with the right students once volunteer shortage occurs
Recognize that canceling a lesson is a possibility for lack of volunteers or lack of safety measure compliance
Be diligent in following all safety measures within your CADS program and at your local ski & snowboard resort. Health and safety remain paramount!

7 Key Principles of protection
Based on the Canadian Public Health Agency Prevention and Risk management strategies, CADS recommends these 7 principles as strategies to mitigate transmission risks of COVID-19:

Vaccinate: Follow the resort rules and the CADS National COVID-19 Vaccination policy . Children Under 12 years old are exempt since vaccination availability is sporadic.
Distance: Maintain distance and limit close contact except when absolutely necessary.
Mask: Proper masks must be worn at all times because wearing a face mask has been one of the best ways that anyone can easily reduce their risk of catching or spreading COVID-19. A buff, a scarf or a thin coton cloth layer is not considered a proper mask. Expect to wear masks in lift lines and when in close contact, especially when outdoors in a public setting with large crowds.
Wash: Wash hands often.
Clean: Clean and disinfect surfaces and equipment. Follow your club protocols.
Outside: Follow size limits and guidelines for indoor and outdoor gatherings according to public health guidelines and resort policy.
Home: Stay home, and isolate from others when you have any symptom of COVID-19, a COVID-19 diagnosis or awaiting COVID-19 test results. Quarantine if you have been exposed to someone who has or may have COVID-19.

Lastly, adaptive skiing and snowboarding are obviously outdoor activities, but they also involve many indoor moments and close contact with others.

We urge everyone to be mindful and responsible for the well being of everyone in and outside of the CADS community.

Wishing everyone safe winter of skiing and snowboarding!

COVID-19 Update For 1/5/2022

Released By: CADS

Questions concerning COVID please contact:

COVID-19 Update For 11/1/2021

Released By: CADS National

The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020-2021 has resulted in Canadian sport organizations developing CoVid-19 safety plans so as to be in compliance with Provincial and Territorial Health Officer regulations and guidance.


The Canadian Adaptive Snowsports National Vaccination Policy is as follows:

All CADS members participating in an event, camp, program or lesson are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 no later than two weeks prior to the event, camp, program or lesson.
You will be responsible to submit your proof of vaccination status which will then be received and if valid, approved by the club’s administrator.
If you require an exemption for a medical condition, age or other grounds protected by the Canadian Human Rights Charter, you will be required to submit a negative Covid test result 72 hours prior to event, camp, program or lesson. Children under the age of 12 at this time in accordance to the Provincial and Territorial Health Officer Regulations and guidelines are not required to produce a COVID Test.
If you are not fully vaccinated and you do not have a vaccination exemption, you will not be able to participate and will be removed from said event, camp, program or lesson.
The Canadian Adaptive Snowsports (CADS) has the right to change or modify this COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policy at any time.

COVID-19 Update For 3/16/2021

Released By: CADS

Across North-America, the ski & snowboard industry has created a guide called “Ski well, Be well” to ensure everyone can ski & ride safely this season. CADS has also created a national Risk Management guide and each provincial division has adapted it to their contextual reality.

COVID-19 Update For 10/5/2020

Released By: CADS

CADS is maintaining current social distancing protocols in all regions at this time. Please remember to wear a mask at indoor locations where social distancing is not possible at all CADS events until further notice.

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