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CADS Purpose

To give people living with disabilities the opportunity to eliminate barriers that have prevented them in experiencing the Joy and Freedom of Snowsports.
Not only in a fun and inclusive environment that embraces diversity but in an accessible community that treats each individual with respect.

Visual Impairments

We support specialized skills required for students who have sensory impairment.

Physical Impairments

We support resource skills required for students who require specialized mobility equipment.

Cognitive Impairments & ASD

We support specific skills required for students who have cognitive impairments or Autism Spectrum Disorders

CADS Athletes and Students

Figures based on disability

Physical Disabilities
Visual Impairments
Autism Spectrum Disorder & Cognitive Impairments





CADS Key Focus

CADS supports and encourages over 2100 participants living with disabilities to be active for life and to work towards long term development. CADS also supports over 1600 certified instructors and over 1500 volunteers to fully participate and to develop their skills to achieve their greatest impact.


Denoted by, and fundamentally measured by...smiles!


A professionally structured skill development program gives everyone a sense of belonging.


Engagement with due regard for feelings, wishes, rights, and traditions of all.

Our Story

A brief history in motion

The Start

Jerry Johnston becomes the ski school director at Sunshine Village Alberta

It wasn't too long before Jerry becomes intrigued with the idea of teaching young disabled people to ski.

early logo

Canadian Adaptive Snowsports is founded

Jerry and other volunteers selflessly devote time to developing teaching methods and adapting equipment to build a fundamental approach to disabled snowsports in Canada..

The Middle

Growth and consistency

CADS supports and encourages over 2100 participants living with disabilities and boasts a system of over 1600 certified instructors and 1500 volunteers.


Inclusivity and development

CADS launches the first training module and certification program designed exclusively for teaching students and athletes with ASD and coginitive impairments.


Snowboard Certification Modules

The CADS technical team creates and launches a new certification focussed on teaching adaptive snowboarding.

To be continued........

What's Happening Updates from the CADS Social Team

...CADS lives on the sports hills of Canada...

stylized map of Canada

Our ValuedPartners CADS receives generous support from these valuable partners